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       JANUARY 7, 2018        ANNOUNCEMENT
Saturday group of inductees present
Eromosele Albert
FBHOF Inductee Juan Arroyo
Guest Speaker FBHOF Inductee Julio Martinez
Telis Assimenios
Bob & Mary
FBHOF Inductees Ira Glass & Bob Alexander
Guest Bradley Ware
FBHOF Inductee Brain Garry and Boxing Achievement Award Phyllis Garry
FBHOF 2019 Inductee Pete Brodsky
FBHOF Board Members Butch & Kathy Flansburg
Annual cake donated by Alessi Bakery
FBHOF Inductee Nate Campbell
2018 FBHOF Inductee Christy Martin
FBHOF Inductee Dr. Rodolfo Eichberg
Friday night Amateur Fight
Friday night Amateur Fight
Fist Casting
FBHOF Inductee Frank Gentile
FBHOF Inductee Dwaine Simpson 2011 and Lou Esa 2019
FBHOF Inductees Damon Gonzalez and Nate Campbell
FBHOF Inductee Damon Gonzalez and family
FBHOF Inductees Richard Hall and Bob Alexander
FBHOF Inductee Mel Jurado with Rob Jurado
Boxing Achievement Award Emil Lombardi, Jr.
FBHOF Inductees Nelson Lopez, Sr. and Bob Alexander
FBHOF Inductee Nelson Lopez, Sr. and family
Jimmy Williams tribute
FBHOF Inductee Lamar Murphy
FBHOF Inductee Bob Alexander and Jimmy Navarro
FBHOF Inductees Juan Arroyo, Jimmy Navarro & Richard Hall
Allan Fields memorial
FBHOF Inductee Sean O'Grady
Rhett Butler from Shadow League interviewing Dada5000
FBHOF Inductees Chico Rivas and David Marks
FBHOF Inductee Chico Rivas
Don Hazelton Scholarship winner Chris Samuels
FBHOF Inductees Brain Garry & Dwaine Simpson with Boxing Achievement Award Phyllis Garry
FBHOF Board Member Steve Canton
FBHOF Sponsor & Inductee Steve Yerrid
Butch Flansburg with daughter Renee
FBHOF Inductee Dwaine Simpson and family